A wholesale manufacturer of magnetic striped
PET, PVC and paper for the card industry

History of JCP - A privately held NV Corporation.

1988 - Established in Santa Monica, CA
Brian and Dianne Edmonds – Founders / Owners

1988 - Developed process and continues manufacturing the only high speed application of magnetic tape to PET for the ID, Drivers License and Security card manufacturing industry.

1989 to 1991 - Moved manufacturing to Mammoth Lakes, CA.

1990 - Started producing California Drivers License (CADL) magnetic striped PET back laminate for a card manufacturing company. This contract evolved into supplying striped Drivers License material to the card manufacturing market for the following states. CO, FL, KS, LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NH, OH, PA, TX, VT, VA) plus Canada, Mexico and Philippines.

1990 - Developed process and application method and continues to add protective coatings over HiCo magnetic tape for extended field life including extending encoder and reader head wear for the ID and Drivers License card manufactures.
NOTE:  This concept of adding a protective layer over the oxide ultimately was adopted by all tape manufactures for built in tape durability and incorporated into ISO/IEC 7811-6 criteria.

1990 - Added additional inspection equipment for testing and quality control of magnetic striped products.

1992 thru present - moved manufacturing to Gardnerville, NV.

1992 - Developed and continues to provide high speed application processes and products to apply white and clear signature stripes to PET materials.

1992 - Developed and continues to provide high speed application of custom black and red inks for bar code blockers on PET films.

1993 - Added VSM for testing magnetic stripe properties. (ISO/IEC 7811-6, Annex “D’.)

1996 - Beta test site for MAGTEK – InSpec 9000 – Original Mfg. of test equipment for magnetic encoded cards.  http://www.magtek.com/

1996 - Started production of  PVC magnetic striped overlay sheets and rolls for the card manufacturing market.

1996 to present - Established MSSI to produce magnetic HiCo tape.

1996 - Started providing 1/8” HiCo – High Output 2750oe (190%) magnetic tape to replace 3M – 5203 product for debit type transaction cards to the card manufacturing market.

1998 - Moved into newly designed and built manufacturing facility.

2003 - Developed and started producing HiCo and LoCo Magnetic Pressure Sensitive Labels and roll stock.

2006 - Started  providing magnetic tape on heavy gage paper sheets from roll stock to the card manufacturing market.

Jan. 21st, 2009 - Brian Edmonds, industry innovator and our beloved leader lost his battle to cancer.

2009 - Present Day - Dianne Edmonds, CEO/CFO continues to move JCP forward with the development of new magnetic striped products and processes for the PET, PVC, Paper and ‘Green’ card manufacturing markets, including continued magnetic technical support to it’s customers.