A wholesale manufacturer of magnetic striped
PET, PVC and paper for the card industry


Please contact webmaster@jcpenterprises.net if you would like your web site listed here.

Card Mfg

www.databac.com (UK)
www.bristolid.com (East Coast)
www.plasticprintingprofessionals.com (West Coast)

Magnetic Tape Mfg

stevem@greencorp.com (USA rep)
www.greencorp.com (Australia)

jim.sands@kurzusa.com (USA rep)   
www.kurz.de (Germany) and www.kurzusa.com (USA)

PET suppliers

www.dkgroup.com (Mid-west)

PVC suppliers:

www.waytekcorp.com (South)

Equipment Mfg.

www.dkgroup.com (Mid-west) PET Lamination
www.magtek.com (West) Encoders/Readers


www.protecnj.com (East)